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Billabong Plunge


Discover the Pinnacle of Plunge Pools for Your Backyard or Courtyard

In the era of expanding houses and shrinking blocks, the ultimate Plunge pool emerges as the ideal solution for your outdoor haven. Featuring square corners and a consistent 1.65m depth, this pool seamlessly integrates into your courtyard or backyard, presenting the appearance of a bespoke concrete plunge pool.

Designed to maximize the swimming area, it boasts dual entry steps and a compact bench seat integrated at one end. The pool’s adaptability makes it a perfect fit for various settings, offering an ideal choice for any space.

A standout feature is the small safety ledge cleverly integrated into the vertical walls surrounding the pool perimeter. This thoughtful addition ensures peace of mind for parents, creating a secure swimming environment for children. The ultimate Plunge pool not only epitomizes courtyard or plunge pool design but also delivers a perfect blend of style and functionality.

At Barrier Reef Pools, we guarantee a streamlined installation process, typically completed in just 7-10 days. Our team of experts will swiftly transform your backyard, allowing you ample time to create cherished memories with your family in your private oasis.

Please note that physical pool shells may have slight variations from the supplied drawings, and all dimensions are approximate. Our commitment to delivering exceptional pools, however, remains unwavering.

Seize the opportunity to explore our award-winning pool collection. Reach out to us today to delve into the world of the ultimate Plunge pool and elevate your outdoor space.

Contact us for further information on our fibreglass pools!

Contact us for further information on our fibreglass pools!


Billabong plunge 2
billabong plunge slimline diagram brp

Measurements in metres and litres, measurements are estimates only.

Billabong Plunge Slimline4.202.601.601.6013900
Billabong Plunge Slimline4.201.601.601.607400
Billabong Plunge6.503.451.671.6731000
Billabong Plunge5.503.451.671.6726000
Billabong Plunge4.703.451.671.6722000


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