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Designed for optimal exercise and relaxation, the Lap Pool Range offers two lengths, 8 and 12 meters, providing a safe and effective workout experience. With an overall depth of 1.35 meters, these modern pools are ideal for walking laps, enhancing fitness levels against the resistance of crystal-clear water.

Strategically designed entry and exit steps, positioned in the middle of the pool and away from the swimming lane, contribute to the Lap Pool’s thoughtful layout. Perfect for narrow spaces, these pools can be creatively illuminated, with water features adding a stunning backdrop to your home decor.

Spanning 4.6 meters, it serves as both an exercise pool against powerful water jets and a refreshing plunge pool on hot summer days. Featuring centered steps and ample seating, it offers a perfect space for relaxation after a swim or on sunny days.

Contact us for further information on our fibreglass pools!

Contact us for further information on our fibreglass pools!


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Measurements in metres and litres, measurements are estimates only.

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