Introducing our latest addition to the diverse lineup of fiberglass swimming pools – the Sahara. This pool boasts a contemporary and streamlined design that enhances the visual appeal of your outdoor space. With a cleverly recessed step arrangement along the curve, the Sahara provides an expansive and uninterrupted swimming area, catering to both avid lap swimmers and those seeking relaxation.

A deliberate design choice places the center entry of the Sahara pool opposite our popular Majestic and Monaco ranges, ensuring a broad spectrum of options to meet our customers’ diverse preferences in creating a backyard oasis. The Sahara stands out as a distinctive and unique choice in our pool collection.

With a depth of 1.87 meters, the 7.5-meter Sahara pool ranks among the deepest in the 7-meter pool category, offering an immersive swimming experience and a sense of spaciousness. Opting for the 6.5-meter Sahara pool provides a slightly shallower deep end at 1.81 meters while maintaining excellent depth.

Like all our pool ranges, the Sahara includes a safety ledge designed for our little swimmers, providing additional peace of mind. Moreover, the Sahara pool comes in a vibrant range of colors, allowing customization to match your preferences and complement your outdoor aesthetic.

Please note that physical pool shells may exhibit slight variations from the supplied drawings, and all dimensions provided are approximate. Our commitment is to deliver a top-quality product that meets your expectations for a stunning and functional backyard pool.

Contact us for further information on our fibreglass pools!

Contact us for further information on our fibreglass pools!


Sahara 2

Measurements in metres and litres, measurements are estimates only.



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