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We’re thrilled to present the pinnacle of our Plunge Pool collection: The Aquila. Stretching an impressive 6 meters in length, 2.3 meters in width, and 1.6 meters deep, the Aquila is our most grandiose model yet, mirroring the acclaimed seating design of our beloved Aquarius Plunge Pool. Its versatile installation options, including above ground, semi in-ground, or fully in-ground, coupled with an integrated step/seat area, make the Aquila an exemplary choice for both leisure and entertainment in your backyard oasis.

For those who love a project or are looking to economize, our Plunge Pools, including the majestic Aquila, are available as DIY Kits. Alternatively, you can opt for the convenience of our professional dealer/installer network in selected regions, ensuring a seamless addition to your outdoor space.

Elevate your pool experience with our year-round enjoyment options. The Aquila can be enhanced with optional heating upgrades, such as Heat Pump, Gas Heater, or Solar options, making it a versatile, all-season retreat. Whether it’s for relaxation, entertainment, or a refreshing dip, the Aquila Plunge Pool is a luxurious complement to any backyard.

Contact us for further information on plunge pools!

Contact us for further information on plunge pools!


Overall Dimensions6,000mm x 2,300mm x 1,600mm
External Height1,600mm
Internal Height1,490mm
Weight Shell Only11,121KG approx.
Weight Tiled (Optional)11,552kg approx.
Tile Area34m2 approx.
Water Height1,340mm
Water Volume13,562L
Equipment BrandFluidra