1.9m x 1.38m

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This pool serves as an excellent choice for individuals eager to showcase their backyard with a pool but face space constraints for a traditional swimming pool. Offering a myriad of installation possibilities, the Plunge Pool can be set up above ground, semi in-ground, or fully in-ground.

Elevate your pool experience throughout the entire year by considering optional upgrades like heating, with choices such as Heat Pump, Gas Heater, or Solar. This plunge pool stands out as the perfect enhancement, adding both style and functionality to your backyard!

Contact us for further information on plunge pools!

Contact us for further information on plunge pools!


Overall Dimensions2,900mm x 1,380mm x 1,750mm
External Height1,750mm
Internal Height1,600mm
Weight Shell Only4,916kg approx.
Weight Tiled (Optional)5,200kg approx.
Tile Area15.10m2 approx.
Water Height1,450mm
Water Volume4,400L
Equipment BrandAstral pool