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Introducing the Sirius, a magnificent addition to our range of plunge pools, boasting dimensions of 6 meters in length, 2.3 meters in width, and 1.6 meters in depth. This model is ingeniously designed with a seating layout that mirrors our widely celebrated Aquarius Plunge Pool, albeit in a reversed configuration, offering a fresh perspective on relaxation and leisure. The Sirius is tailored to enhance any backyard space with its adaptable installation options. Whether you prefer it to stand proudly above ground, to blend seamlessly into a semi-in-ground setting, or to be fully integrated into the landscape in-ground, the Sirius is equipped to meet your needs. Additionally, it features a built-in step/seat area, elevating it to the status of an ideal entertainment hub for gatherings of friends and family. With its generous dimensions and thoughtful design, the Sirius Plunge Pool promises to transform your outdoor living space into a sanctuary of comfort and style.

Contact us for further information on plunge pools!

Contact us for further information on plunge pools!


Overall Dimensions6,000mm x 2,300mm x 1,600mm
External Height1,600mm
Internal Height1,490mm
Weight Shell Only11,121KG approx.
Weight Tiled (Optional)11,552kg approx.
Tile Area34m2 approx.
Water Height1,340mm
Water Volume13,562L
Equipment BrandFluidra